5 Reasons DI Athletes are Prepared for a Career After Sports


Each year, more than 480,000 athletes compete in the NCAA. However, only a few from each sport continue to compete at the professional or Olympic level. For the thousands of athletes that complete their careers, Life After Division I Sports serves as an incredible opportunity to prepare for a career. Read why Division I athletes have the necessary tools for success in the work force.


  1. Division I athletes are structured and focused. In order to properly balance a typical day as a student-athlete, they must master the art of time management. Between weights, class, practice, film, eating and sleeping, minimal room is left for leisure activities. Not only are D1 athletes structured, but they’re prepared for the here and now. Whether it is the playoffs or a test in Biology, continuous daily pressure to perform fuels a “one day at a time” lifestyle.
  2. Division I athletes know teamwork. With a 30-plus hour a week schedule, D1 sports link players with teammates that inevitably become family. In order to be a dominant program, each individual teammate has to work well with one another. After all, Alabama football’s NCAA championship last year wouldn’t have been possible without the combined efforts of the entire An employee that masters teamwork early in their career is naturally bound for success.
  3. Division I athletes have failed. No matter how many accolades a college program receives, each one across the board knows failure. The athletes that encompass these programs have often failed more than they’ve won. When entering the working world, athletes have a sensational hunger to win; a trait that that few employees can simply adapt.
  4. Division I athletes can communicate. Long before athletes retire their sports, they understand the pressure of having a boss. Not only do coaches instill expectations, but they also provide constant, necessary feedback that athletes must digest and apply in their performance for the betterment of their program.
  5. Division I athletes are tough. Dedicating an entire college career to athletics is no easy task. In fact, the NCAA states that the probability of earning a spot on a D1 football team after high school is 2.6%. This miniscule statistic fuels a massive population of young football players to tough it out and go for the top spot. To make a team, remain on the roster for an entire career and graduate is rare. D1 athletes are called upon to be resilient, tenacious and tough- three traits of many that have prepared them for success long after the competition is over.

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