5 Jobs Fit For Former Athletes

When an athlete’s career ends another journey awaits. Instead of lacing up for an afternoon on the court, former athletes trade in their Nike’s for dress shoes and a briefcase. While the transition may require a new wardrobe, deciding where you fit into the workforce world can often be the most stressful decision to make. If you’re looking for some career inspiration, check out these five jobs that are perfectly fit for former collegiate athletes.

1. Teacher.
Everyone has experienced the impact of a teacher. From the time you enter elementary school to the day you graduate college, teachers play a key role in molding each step from adolescence to adulthood. Another form of teacher is coaches. As Division I athletes are trained by numerous coaches in their careers, they observe how to effectively develop an individual’s potential. Like preparing for a practice, teachers prepare lesson plans each and every day. In a leadership role that’s responsible for nurturing the lives of others, D1 athletes would naturally excel in teaching young individuals of all ages.

2. Franchise Owner.
As small business owners who develop a division of an existing company, franchise owners are counted on to maintain the brand of their company while making a profit. No matter how difficult of an adversity any franchise owner can face, they are expected to be loyal to their company’s vision. Through trusting the lead and direction of coaches and teammates during athletic careers, D1 athletes use their resiliency and dedication to power through any and every problem they face whether big or small. That ability to be resilent insures the potential former athletes have to own a franchise and run it well.

3. Sales Representative.
From girl scout cookies to medical devices, any salesman must be persistent in order to make a profit. In a sales pitch to a potential customer, sales representatives are constantly exposed to rejection. In sports, athletes face similar failures in their every day lives whether it be playing time, difficult practice drills or injuries. However, athletes are trained to keep moving forward. In a sales position, former athletes are your best bet in fighting for a “yes” and completing a deal.

4. Project Manager.
Through overseeing various projects, project managers are the master’s of time management. For each piece of a project to go smoothly, manager’s ability to work with others and stay on task is crucial to the success of any company. Athletes have no choice but to be mini masters of time management. No matter how busy the calendar can get, excuses aren’t acceptable. With so much experience in balancing a heavy workload, former athletes have the necessary qualities that make a project manager successful.

5. Physical Therapist.
When an athlete is injured, they’re almost always expected to participate in aggressive physical therapy. By spending a large chunk of time with therapists that work to help athletes recover, athletes often find that they want to help other athletes down the road, too. After all, without the knowledge and expertise of physical therapists, how would any athlete make it back to their sports healthy and prepared to continue competing?



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