First they were naïve freshman, now they are experienced seniors. Each year, countless athletic careers come and go at the collegiate level. When the whistle blows, the stadium lights fade to black and the crowd no longer cheers, athletes bask in the inevitable aftermath of life after sports.

My name is Erin Radke and I am a former Division I volleyball player at the University of Iowa.

As a collegiate athlete, I endured a colorful array of mental, physical and emotional obstacles. Between battling anxiety and depression, a shoulder injury, two knee surgeries and two heart procedures, my experience as a four-year collegiate athlete was anything but perfect. Many athletes struggle during their careers. However, the stories that often are left unsaid are the stories of life after college athletics.

Life After Division I Sports is a monumental journey that every retired athlete must face. My hope is that this blog serves those athletes and the fans that support them. Through advice columns, athlete profiles and numerous informative studies, this blog will provide readers with a motivational guide to success in all future endeavors after college athletics.

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